Visit 2 National Parks- Krka and Kornati! If you want to spend your holiday in quiet and peaceful places, this is the best route for you.
This route connects the most beautiful parts on Islands and continental nature. The perfect connection between blue and green.
Explore further on what is there to offer!


If you want to spend your holiday in quiet and peaceful places, this is the best route for you!
You will be able to see even 2 National Parks- Krka and Kornati! This route connects the most beautiful parts on Islands and continental nature. The perfect connection off blue and green.
Explore further on what is there to offer!

Check-in day- Welcome to BIOGRAD, a small town but a big nautical center in north Dalmatia. When you are done with a check-in procedure and you’ve decided not to sail out the same day, we recommend watching the sunset in Lavender beach bar app 500m from Marina. If you have enough time, best is to visit the nearby nature park Vrana lake which is distant 5 km from Biograd. For a nice evening, we recommend beautiful Riva- There you can find along the coast a lot of nice fish restaurants where you can have a quiet dinner. Recommended- Konoba Vapor, Konoba Barba and restaurant Kaciol.

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Pašman bay

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1st day- TELAŠCICA- south-eastern part of the island of Dugi Otok. This bay is part of Nature Park and it is known by Slano jezero “Mir” (salt lake) and the cliffs 161meters high on the opposite side. Telascica Bay is the safest natural port with 25 small beaches. Here you can enjoy the peaceful Mediterrane aria, surrounded by natural phenomena and beauty. Climb on top of the cliffs, where it spreads the most powerful view!

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Photo by Anita Juric- Telascica

2nd day-PIŠKERA-Vela Panitula- Welcome to National park KORNATI. The island is uninhabited, there is only a marina (ACI marina Piskera- on island Vela Panitula) and two restaurants- (Konoba Jadra -has berth place). No traffic, only a clean turquoise sea. Cliffs (120m) stretched on the one side of the island and marina and peaceful bay on the other. The position of Marina gives you good protection from wind bura.

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National Park Kornati- Island Piskera

3rd day-KAPRIJE -it is one of the largest islands of the Sibenik archipelago. Kaprije is only placed on this same name island. It is a quiet small town with beautiful clean air (a specialty for this place is that there are no cars here) If you are tired of the city crowd, noise, this is your place to be. You can spend the quiet evening, have dinner in konoba, enjoy in Dalmatian atmosphere listening to Dalmatian songs and enjoy in conversations with polite domestic people. Kaprije has few grocery shops, an ambulance, few restaurants, post office, everything else needed for a normal life but beautiful nature and that is why it is a favorite place to stop for sailors.

4th day- ŠIBENIK -after few days enjoying and resting on the Dalmatian islands, when you are finally rested from crowds, it is time to sail to one of the most cultural cities in Dalmatia-Sibenik. Known by its 4 fortresses, especially stand out Barone (from 1646. )and St. Mihovil. Castle Barone offers you a touristic guide for sightseeing! After this tour, you can have dinner in the restaurant on top of the castle and enjoy a remarkable view. In the old part of the city you can see St. Jacob’s Cathedral which is located on the seafront (Riva) and only 200m away there is castle St. Mihovil. In Šibenik during the season live music, festivals or cultural manifestations are often organized. If you are lucky maybe you can enjoy a concert while you are there!

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Photo credit: Turistička zajednica grada Sibenika


5th day-SKRADIN -Place located near National park Krka is a real paradise on the coast. The small town has everything you need. A berth is in ACI Marina Skradin. Perfectly connect blue sea and green landscape which hides national park Krka, known by 7 travertine waterfalls. Nature at its best. When you buy a ticket for this National Park, there is a possibility to go there by an organized short boat ride down the river to the falls, or you can have a walking tour. Part od NP Krka is the little island called Visovac, you can visit it by regular boat line organized by NP. Really worth seeing! Come, explore!

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6th day- Biograd– It is the last day of your sailing adventure and it is time to go back to base Biograd. On this trip, you were able to see even two National Parks and one Nature park. If you didn’t have the opportunity to get to know Biograd on your check-in day, you can have a little tour on your last day. Biograd has a 2 km long beach, excellent offers for touristic daily excursions. In the old part of the city, near a marina, you can find remains of the Monastery of St. Ivana Evangelista, a Benedictine monastery, which was erected around the 1060 year by Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV. You can have a quiet dinner with your crew in a fish restaurant, or you can spend the evening on the beach in one of the clubs which are opened until 2 am. However you decide, we hope that you will have a wonderful time and take home the best memories from this vacation!

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Biograd n/M


*It is a warm recommendation to hire a skipper, except for knowledge of the boats, local currents and winds, skippers are also familiar with the best restaurants and marinas, and will surely recommend you the best and most beautiful coves for enjoying and swimming.

Tips& tricks:
* Please do a good food supply (for 3-4 days) in Biograd before you leave the base!
* Tickets for National park Krka payable on the spot.
* Tickets for castle St. MIhovil and Barone, payable on the spot.
* For entrance in ACI Marina Piskera, we recommended to use nautical chards edition HHI – Split: 100- 20, 100-21, MK-14 and Plan 512. The approach of the marina between Panitula Vela and Piškera on the northwest side is shallow, dangerous due to the numerous reefs.

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