There are several reasons why some people are in love with this sport. It seems if someone has this experience for the very first time, he will never stop doing it.

Let’s check why:

Experience of silence, no words can describe peace, the new world which surrounds you. When you spent just a half an hour under the sea, it feels like a mini vacation for your mind and soul. It is switching off from the rest of the world into an environment which feels like you are on another planet. Nothing at the surface comes close to this feeling. The creatures of the sea that surround you, it is a unique experience and you cannot find it anywhere else on Earth.

Not so many people have the privilege to experience that beauty. Let’s make a conclusion why people who try this experience, never get enough of it? There is no same dive. Every time is different. Every time you see some new creature, discover a new spot, even if you already been there before. Every dive is a unique experience. Besides discovering underwater beauty, it is also about your time out of all of the noise out there, it is your vacation for mind and finding yourself listening to your soul and your own breathing.

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